Searching for something fun to do with your dog?

Trick training is the class for you!



  • It is an hour of fun with your dog

  • It will grow and strengthen your relationship

  • It will help give confidence to shy, timid dogs

  • It will give active energetic dogs the mental stimulation they need.

During class you will learn how to teach your dog specific tricks by breaking them down into small steps and then putting all the steps together to perform the trick.

We will use positive reward based training methods such as shaping, luring and targeting.

Examples of the tricks we will teach: 

  • Shake

  • Spin

  • Play Dead

  • Back-up

  • Leave it

  • Balance Treat on Nose

  • Tap an easy button

Who can register for the tricks class?

Any dog, young or old can participate and enjoy trick training. This is an excellent way to build on the bond you have with your dog in an engaging fun way.

Earn a Trick Dog Title

At each level you will be able to take " Do More With Your Dog!® " tests and the AKC tests to earn Trick Dog titles.

To learn more about AKC Trick Dog Titles follow this link:

We will talk to you about which Tricks your dog is most suited to and tailor the tricks to everyone's needs and capabilities so everyone can be successful increasing your dogs confidence and self esteem.

Class Details:

Start Date: Wednesday June 12th 6:30 pm
Length: 4 weeks

Time: 6:30 pm

Fee: $70

Class Limit: 6

Location: Undecided

Prerequisites: A sit and down. Your dog should be able to work in close proximity to other dogs.


Fido Fitness
2737 Shenandoah Avenue NW
Roanoke, VA 24017
(540) 344-2256

(540) 344-2256