Practical Hide Placement with Jacy Kelley CNWI
April 14th & 15th 2018


Working Team:       Weekend $250

Auditor:                   Weekend $100                  One day only $60    SAT    SUN

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Payment must be made when application is submitted. There is a $20 fee for any returned checks.

There will be no refunds unless a replacement can be found.

For more information email Ann Hogg at: info@cannyk9companions.com

Print, complete registration form, sign waiver and send with your payment to:

Ann Hogg
Canny K9 Companions LLC
Nose Work Seminar
552 Parkview Drive
Blue Ridge VA 24064

Name: _____________________________________________________________                                                                                                

Address: ___________________________________________________________                                                                                         

City: __________________________________________      State:  _____ Zip: ________                

Cell Phone Number: _______________                Email: ___________________________                               

Dog’s Name: _________________________      Breed: ___________________________                                

Level your Dog is working at:     NW1        NW2       NW3        ELITE

Checks should be made payable to CannyK9Companions LLC.


Disclaimer and Waiver of Liability

I hereby acknowledge that I have voluntarily signed up for dog training seminar with Canny K9 Companions. I am aware that there are inherent risks and hazards involved with and around dogs, and I am voluntarily participating in the activities with the knowledge of these potential dangers. I am not relying on Canny K9 Companions LLC, the organizer, Bent Mountain Recreation Center or the seminar presenter (Jacy Kelley and Canine Copilots LLC) to prevent any loss or injury to myself or my dog(s). In order to participate in this Nose Work seminar, I, being fully informed of risks and hazards, agree to   assume ALL RISK OF SUCH OCCURRENCE.

I hereby waive any and all claims or actions I or my guardians, representative or assigns may have against Canny K9 Companions LLC, and agree to release Canny K9 Companions LLC from liability in any and all personal injuries to myself, my dog(s), children in my charge, or harm to property causes directly or indirectly by any acts that might occur in conjunction with this dog Nose Work seminar or from the facility or grounds on which it sits, even if caused by alleged negligence by Canny K9 Companions LLC, visiting parties, or any other person(s).

I also agree to assume sole responsibility for injury or damage caused by myself, children in my charge, or by the dog I own or handle during participation in this seminar and further indemnify, defend, and hold Canny K9 Companions LLC harmless from any damage, loss, liability, or expense, including legal costs and attorney fees, which result from damage caused by myself, children in my charge, or the dog I own or handle.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: I have carefully read this release of liability and fully understand the contents thereof. I am aware that this is a release of liability and a contract between Canny K9 Companions LLC and me, and I agree to it of my own free will.

I/we further agree that the trainers have the right to refuse training to any dog that repeatedly displays a vicious aggressive manner that is believed by the trainers not manageable by his/her owner or handler and that the trainers have the right to excuse any dog that appears in poor health.

I have read the above cancellation policy and I agree to all terms. I understand that there are no exceptions to the policy regardless of the reason for the cancellation. I understand that cancellation may result in my receiving NO REFUND if my spot cannot be filled from the waiting list. I also understand that I may not give nor sell my spot to another person.


   (Signature)                                                                                            (Date)



ROANOKE, VA   (540) 524-8372  info@cannyk9companions.com