Maximize Your Nose Work Training

Jacy Kelley, CNWI of Canine Copilots, LLC

 Maximize your practice searches by learning hide placement strategies from a pro!

What environmental factors should influence your hide placement during training? How well does your dog do when there is minimal air movement? How do you avoid confusing the beginner dog, and challenge the advanced search dog? Careful hide placement can help your dog learn and improve quickly, preparing him for new scent problems in trials and other events.

Search video reviews, guided analysis, practical exercises and Jacy’s coaching will help you learn to place hides thoughtfully and create targeted search problems. Make the most of every minute with your dog - optimize your training time and elevate your dog’s training to the next level!

We will be working in small groups planning and setting the hides according to the goals of the group. We will run dogs and then reviewing the videos.  Did set up go as planned?  If it did what can we change to get a different result? If not how can we change the set up to achieve the goal? 

Working teams of all skill levels are welcome, provided the dog is working on odor only. Searches and strategies will be tailored to the level of the working teams.

Auditing spots are open to anyone interested in NW.

Working spots: $250 (limited to 12 working dogs)
Auditing: $100 full weekend (unlimited)
Auditing: $60 for one day

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